I have been reading Wikipedia. Now that is not a failure – that is one of the greatest and most generous open examples of how people can share and collaborate for the good of all.

 In particular, I thought I would see what was said about Jeremy Corbyn, current leader of the UK Labour Party, being crucified by his own party in parliament even though he is known to have massive support from ordinary members. I am incensed by these members of parliament. Do they not know they are representatives of their constituents and that their job is being part of a government – which of course in UK at this moment is rather chaotic and needs them. But no – many are behaving like rats leaving the ship – even, attempting to sink the ship.

I am gobsmacked by Jeremy’s Wikipedia history – years of principled action, whether you agree or not, he has been involved, working solidly, taking part, doing over and over, ACTING. [I do agree with his principles – look it up, see if you do.]

Then I thought I would look up Angela Eagle, who is going to stand against him, and try to take over the leadership. Now maybe she has not got such good writers on her staff, or something, but even trying to read between lines, it does not seem that she has stood for much in her parliamentary career since 1992. She just seems to have gone along with the powers that then were there. No principle? or just that of do what the boss says? Or what?

One part of the entry, relating to the economic crash of 2007/8,

In April 2008 Eagle took part in a debate in Parliament on the UK economy in which the Liberal Democrats tabled a motion suggesting that the country was facing an “extreme bubble in the housing market” and the “risk of recession”. Eagle responded stating “Fortunately for all of us … that colourful and lurid fiction has no real bearing on the macro-economic reality.”  In 2009 Jeremy Browne, who led the debate, reflected on her comments, stating “A year ago, Angela Eagle’s comments summed up the Government’s delusional attitude. We had been warning for months that we faced a housing market collapse and a serious recession, but ministers did not want to hear it. Their failure to face up to reality left the country dangerously unprepared for the crisis that now confronts us …

Not insightful, then. Is she insightful now? What leadership features has she shown? She shows instead a capability to run with the herd, be part of the establishment.

Jeremy Corbyn – accused of “not being a leader” has a biography demonstrably both active and ethical. Since election as leader of the Labour Party last year , his political positions have their own article on Wikipedia.

They are clear. They show leadership quality. He has communicated.

I reluctantly come to the conclusion that the Parliamentary Labour Party members jumping ship are neither principled nor thoughtful, but have in fact been glad to be career politicians, following a previously given line. Dumbed down establishment members, they do not like Corbyn quite simply because he asks them to think, and maybe, puts them to shame.

Whatever, their actions at the moment are indeed shameful. Failure, their failure.



2 thoughts on “Failure

  1. Jeremy Corbyn, as the Labour Party’s leader, has united people as no one has done for decades. The vitriol displayed by his parliamentary ‘colleagues’ has been ugly. The comments of Kinnock, that failed politician and EU gravy-train-rider, together with those of the Blair rent-a-mob set might have been pathetic if they had not been redolent of something more sinister – the voice of Common Purpose “You will not do as we do but will do what we tell you.” George Orwell expressed his disgust and disenchantment with communism as practised in Russia through satirical novels such as ‘Animal Farm’; the people of Britain have expressed their disenchantment with the current political system. There is no appetite to return to the spin and deception of Kinnock and Blair’s New Labour. Jeremy Corbyn has offered something infinitely better. His dignified stance and moderate tone are beacons of hope for the ordinary people who believe this man is the rightful leader of the Labour Party now – and a future leader for Britain.

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    1. I agree absolutely. I do so much hope he comes through, as if he does he might just be the person who turns aside all the divisive and perverse ugliness we have been seeing. I think there are many of us.

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