Away from it all

IMG_7989I am staying in Cornwall with friends K and D. This is relaxation, being attended to, I have really unwound. Yesterday we went in to Tavistock, Devon, walked by the river Tavy, then back to a little more gardening. I do not have a garden of my own, so one of the pleasures of my life has been to join these friends in their garden, a place of variety and gentle but persistent care. If you have to be bit by a bug, then gardening is a good bug to be bit by.

Let this garden speak for itself. [I’ve got rid of some bindweed, cut back a few shrubs, just been there, breathing.]




7 thoughts on “Away from it all

  1. Garden?

    More like a National Trust property!

    Immaculate and still natural, reflections, colour, depth.

    No wonder you are relaxed, I can feel the peace from the pics.

    Thank you.


    Best love,

    Me and Peter Pan.



  2. A beautiful garden is the antidote to stress – as long as the weeds are under control. Muddled weather has resulted in a mammoth problem here because the weather favoured the weeds – but not yours truly trying to control them. .


    1. One thing so good about my friend’s garden – they are not my weeds! Anything I don’t get to doesn’t produce any guilt at all. It sounds as though you have quite a lot to contend with, but I think you enjoy it anyway.


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