Out and about in Oslo

I have never been in Norway before. Here for an evening and a day in Oslo, then into Telemark where I will stay four days with F, a Block Island friend who lives here in Drangedal most of the year. Another split life person! So far she has been the best ever Oslo tour guide and I am gobsmacked by this city. Walking on the roof of the Opera House, like being on a glacier (well nearly) on a boat on the fiord the night I arrived (with wonderful weather and fresh shrimps for dinner). The absolutely do not miss is the City Hall. I have never ever been so awestruck by a building interior. Of course, you probably know, this is where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. The murals represent the best of norways culture and history, and every room is very different, very beautiful.

We also went to the Kon Tiki museum, saw Munch murals and the Art gallery, but have to say I was flagging a bit. And, did some walk and talk. Well of course we did. Feel terrific and will post more about the farm at Lone and the hill farm above it later.

Feel very fortunate.


5 thoughts on “Out and about in Oslo

  1. Stunning, absolutely.

    Never been there myself but always hankered after a trip to Denmark – the ancestral home of mother’s family.

    Love the Big Sky despite the clouds and that City Hall should be named something far grander!!

    You are having a more extended stay than I thought and seem to be immersing yourself in all cultures.

    How lovely…..

    Enjoy it all.

    Best love,




  2. Most interesting tour of Oslo. Keep enjoying. Best wishes to your Norwegian friend. Love Voni xx

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