A Hill Farm, Vihus

Now near Drangedal in West Telemark. When someone like me thinks of Norway of course the fiords come to mind as well as mountains. Here it is inland, mountain and valleys and wood. Trees, all sorts of trees, aspens birch pine spruce … Logging is part of the farm where F lives. On Friday we walked to the hill farm at Vihus, it is 500m up, so among other impressions I am pretty pleased that I felt good after visiting the farmhouse and the lake above it. The house is a museum in waiting. The walk/climb the wild raspberries, blueberries, the fresh water tumbling, the lake at the very top, all impressions now tumbling around in my head and far too many photos on my phone.

Here are some. Click to enlarge or see captions.


4 thoughts on “A Hill Farm, Vihus

  1. Something timeless about reflections on water, there before us, there after us, only we change.

    Thanks for the beauty.



    1. It is an amazing place – timeless indeed and at the same time I am taking pictures on my phone and then writing up about them on this iPad. There is a grandfather clock in the corner of the room where I am sitting and a flatscreen tv in the opposite corner. They both fit.


  2. Pepys. Thanks for super photos and story of the farmland in Norway. Keep enjoying the countryside. Regards to your friend. Love Voni xxx

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