Fare well, Norway

Back in Edinburgh, thinking about the remainder of my stay in Norway. As the Oslo City Hall celebrates, this is a socially aware country. It is hard to describe in words how that can be seen in a few days, but somehow it is present. A friend, Ingrid, took us on a drive through West Telemark, past the ‘finger lakes’ that are also called inland fiords. The next day we went blueberry picking and the following morning had a short walk in Drangedal with a lively 80 year old, F’s sister-in-law who now lives in the town in a socially supported apartment. In the afternoon we joined another friend and walked along the ridge above the farm. I forget already the names of all these places, except for a ferry across one of the finger lakes to Fjone. I remember this name because it is pronounced FIONA.

Some more photos – everywhere under the trees is a carpet of blueberries, and there are also wild raspberries, cloudberries, a kind of cranberry and many more. I happened to be there in the week of plenty. I feel healthy.



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