Port Braddan, Ulster Way Walking

Family rented a super place right on the bay at Port Braddan and then invited aunts (that’s where I come in) and others to join them. This is on the Ulster Way coast walk between the Giants Causeway and Ballintoy. In case you didn’t know, as I did not, Ballintoy is where a lot of Game of Thrones was filmed. As well as sea sand rock pools and scenery one can now hire/acquire a sword or two and gets ones photo taken with the stone wall and Harbour as backdrop. (Our party refrained)

So I have walked at Ballintoy, Whitepark Bay, Dunseverick, skipped the Causeway, been to Bushmills and Portrush, and a quick overnight to Fanad (driving N back after his visit). I have been swimming in cool clear water, done the Portrush shuffle ( that’s getting dressed damp and shivery under a towel, not a new dance routine) and been reminded of many many childhood events and times from the children’s childhoods.

Top vote this time to Dunseverick rock pools, and the swimming in them, it was nice of a grey heron to sit on his rock considering us and all the other walkers going by.

Good weather on the North coast of Ireland.


5 thoughts on “Port Braddan, Ulster Way Walking

  1. Ah yes, the memories…………..

    Dhu Varren, body boards thumping me in the tummy when I fell off, vast numbers of people staying in the house all happy and laughing, the dish washing – “if any are still dirty, throw them back in” – great maxim which I follow to this day.

    Your lovely Mum sitting on a kitchen chair, asking me to waken her in 10 minutes, me watching her sound asleep and reluctant to waken her from such a deep sleep, eventually wakening her after 15 minutes and she was cross with me (in a nice way) because she had wasted 5 minutes of her hectic day.

    What a woman!!

    Always wished I had one tenth of her energy. She amazed me. Just listening to what she did in one day left me feeling very tired indeed!!

    You girls inherited a lot of her energy.

    Lucky ducks.

    Best love,

    Me and Peter Pan.



    1. And now her favourite (only) granddaughter very ably carries on a tradition. I didn’t know about you and the body boards, but do remember they were made from plywood or something equally bruising.


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