Radical or Just Plain Sensible?

I have just returned from a wonderful weekend Retreat in the Lake District, at Ambleside. Among other things our group walked to Rydal, and wonderful M with whom I shared the journey suggested driving back with a detour around Ullswater. [photos below]

Positive Money organised the Retreat.

Sounds a bit dry. Not much touchy feely fun…

You could not be more wrong.

PM is a movement for a money and banking system that works for society and not against it.

CHANGE THE MONETARY SYSTEM (just now start with QE for productive use not F.I.R.E. which stands for Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate)

Sounds a bit RADICAL. But look Positive Money up, or google/ you-tube/facebook etc. on this topic of alternative economics, start learning. It couldn’t be more rational and sensible, and above all, human, recognising that we are much more than traders of goods and labour. The monetary system affects the whole world, and underlies so many issues that distress so many people*.

SURPRISE SURPRISE – there are alternative systems that are about people, real people, real need, real talent, real Capital, our humanity and our world with its generous resources. [Don’t forget we do get something for nothing: Life, love and sun, air, and all the free processes such as seeds that know how to grow. We are provided for if we do not misuse the gift. At the moment, we know we are misusing it, and many of us feel powerless. This way of realising where a very big problem lies, helps that helplessness.]

So the weekend was emotional, affirming, some good huggy bits, a lot of fun, and a lot of common sense.

If enough people see the utter insanity of the present monetary system, that forces so many enterprises entirely against our interests*, it really might be possible to make the change we need. And while campaigning, some of us are having a good time, making new friends and maybe, just maybe, influencing people. We are certainly learning.


*Your interests, my interests, so many issues: inequality, health, war, third world unsustainable debt, too many people working too hard, too little time for kids and quality of life, the climate, renewable power vs fossil fuel, transport, built-in obsolescence, consumerism, …

All are driven by a monetary system not fit for purpose. Lobby where you can, personally, in your local groups, and write and email your representatives. Ask if they know how money is created.

There are many organizations and resources with whom Positive Money collaborates. For example:

New Economics   International Money Reform  American Monetary Institute


2 thoughts on “Radical or Just Plain Sensible?

    1. That is exactly what is being explored – creative change is possible, it just needs enough people to realise it, and make it happen. The whole world will function more effectively and differing opinions can be argued out rather than as at present, each is forced on the defensive.

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