Sea, Islands, Art

Walking by Portobello beach yesterday, I realised how lucky I am that I have always lived within reach of the sea. Or near enough. I wish I could write better, to convey it, or better still, be capable of painting it. Failing that, I do have two friends, from Block Island and from Sanday, on opposite sides of the great majestic Atlantic. And they can paint. Lisa Robb from Block Island and Bill McArthur from Orkney, thank you for your gift.

photo from Lisa Robb, Block Island

These are my photos from Bill’s exhibition – he was a fisherman and his seas really scare me sometimes! Wish my photos could convey that.

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There are some poems on Bill’s site – worth a read as well as a look.. this is one

I cower in green shelters, watch the sea
bubble in brown sea-pools, watch the sea

climb to the horizon and fall back
rich with its silver coins, its glittering…

[Iain Crichton Smith]

I once wrote to the sea in gratitude myself, here. Must write more, must walk, return to the ocean. Not because I must, but because the sea inspires me, I feel glad to be alive.


2 thoughts on “Sea, Islands, Art

  1. Thank you Elspeth,

    This picture is so lovely. It encapsulates everything about the sea. The beauty and the inherent danger.

    We are the lucky ones. To have been brought up on an island small enough never to be very far from the sea.

    I think we have an “island mentality”. People who can never really be content unless we can see the sea, breathe the air from it, lose ourselves in its surf and walk along its shores.

    Your grandchildren in Block Island will feel the same, I am sure.

    I know that, in my eventful and often times troubled life, I have always gone to the sea to heal.

    It is my friend, like time is my friend.

    Both heal, in their own ways.

    Best love to you and all your far flung family.




    1. Healing indeed – the sea itself and then the artwork. In her day-job – Lisa Robb is my lovely grand-daughters’ art teacher. Maybe they will catch some of the skill and talent as well as the sea itself. xxE


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