On Jeremy Corbyn: let’s end cynicism and embrace (critical) hope

This writer says that we human beings are ‘becomings’, who live with both fear and hope. From the Jeremy Corbyn re-election to leader of the opposition he says the message is hope, not for one personality or one place, but for us all. Yes indeed. We can all step up, and feel and think, what direction do we want, put hope ahead.

Agent of History

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I just want to make three points about Jeremy Corbyn and his re-election. I want to argue the following: (1) Ultimately, we should analyse Corbyn’s role in terms of its significance as part of a growing counter-hegemonic war of manoeuvre against capital – a role that has ensured nothing less, in my view, than the ideological death of neo-liberalism; (2) I am deeply sadden by those espousing socialist views and values who express feelings of cynicism and fear towards Corbyn. I will suggest that we should be able to empathise with such feelings, but will argue that they are misplaced and self-defeating; (3) I will emphasize that we must always remember that we are committed to struggling not for Corbyn, but for socialism. Therefore, our commitment to Corbyn should remain steadfast for as long as he and…

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2 thoughts on “On Jeremy Corbyn: let’s end cynicism and embrace (critical) hope

  1. I have been surprised and distressed at the degree of vitriol engendered by opponents of Brexit and the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party towards those who believe it’s time for change – any change, rather than the status quo which promised to lead us into an ever deepening slough of more-of-the-same from both the EU and those governing from Westminster. I welcome change. It gives me hope for the future.


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