A bird in the hand

Yesterday morning was the first Ocean View bird walk after the summer season. There were not so many birds visible. A hybrid crab apple tree was enchanting, especially as we have all noted that the other wild trees of apple and pear have almost zero crops this year. [I went biking on Monday to pick pears, no success whatever!] There seem to be plenty of the smaller berries on the trees, hopefully the birds will feed through the winter.

So we were all enjoying being out together on a walk again, checking out what sort of summer we have had, listening to each other a lot more than bird calls. But, we should have known we would not get away with too little interest in the birds. Kim is a brilliant leader! She had contacted the Biodiversity Research Institute raptor banding folk who are out here on Block Island at the moment, quietly doing their work. This merlin was almost too beautiful, her eyes deep, her colours vibrant, her call… very indignant!

After this so beautiful merlin was released, she joined others in the sky above the field.

I am spending time trying to write about stuff, like why we let ourselves sleepwalk to the world’s destruction, why ‘money’ matters when it is just supposed to be an invention to  help us live our lives. This is [maybe] worth doing too, but, but, but, I couldn’t do anything much, anywhere, without these other great rewards that just come by. Block Island is a good place to be.

Ms Merlin, you were very indignant about being banded, and held, maybe you do not know what a joy you were for a group of BI people. Or, maybe joy is part of you, as it is part of all our lives when we take time to enjoy.



5 thoughts on “A bird in the hand

    1. It was so amazing to be up so close to her. Re wordpress – I just realized that I cant see where comments can be written – I don’t seem to have a reply space. Frustrating… do I have to change theme? again?


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