Sunshine and happiness

The sun is shining. I went to book-group this morning. I hadn’t read the book, Carl Safina, Beyond Words. It is about animals, ‘what they think and feel’, and I had not wanted to read it but now I might, as it seems it is also about science, the kind that is about observation and not knowing, rather than thinking of a theory and looking for justification stuff. Hurray! Maybe I will read it, but maybe I have other things to do. I also talked with Kristin, Library Director, about having a day on “Money“! I have a talk prepared. There are also lots of documentaries to watch (homework: watch and choose). It sounds dry, earnest, but it could be fun too, discussions, connections, make use of the stories. Then I walked home, the sun is still shining.


So now I have been sitting out on the deck, reading. The library does books too (of course) and the Kindle works outdoors. I am so happy it is making me laugh at myself. Hope you are all happy too.

I am thinking that happiness is all around, just have to take on some of the nasty stuff (monetary system, inequality, get over shyness and embarrassments etc.) and wow, there it is, ready to be enjoyed, sunshiny world was there all the time.


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