Time: 5 years or 50?

Sundial at Beijing Astronomical Museum

I know it has been said over and over how time feels different depending on what you are thinking about, doing, being etc. Subjective time – I spend quite a bit of it as well as the actual stuff on the blogs. I recently added some poems on Poetry of Moods and Moments, and quite a lot more just out and about with other people (see last few posts, e.g.here). The 50 years of the title comes from realising that second son turns 50 next February, first son having already been there, done that.

The 5 years is realising that I started blogging in July 2011, trying to record something of the experience of living in Shanghai, then the next year I was in USA, and I have been several other places too, I was just looking for something else entirely – you know that experience too I expect – when I forgot what that was – as I was reading all this stuff and looking at things that had once seemed important enough to write or photograph – and suddenly it was already dark and I couldn’t remember what I intended to do in the first place.

Some posts I had completely forgotten – did I really take the time to write all that? Also, did I not take the time to learn how to display stuff? (I still don’t take the trouble I could take with themes and styles, and layout.) But I do enjoy looking again at the pictures I have forgotten about. This is just a random selection from the first two years of this Diary blog.

One of my first efforts at blogging had a poem of sorts, uncertain about what blogging would mean. All about me? Yes indeed, but many others and other things too.

This post is a thank you internet, and thank you WordPress, and thank you fellow bloggers and blogging buddies. You have changed me. The poem still says it.

At war
with long ago
wayward instruction
maybe need
Not to show, show-off

What changed me?
People offering
what they had.

Each Self


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