Meditation Rocks

Who said weather affected moods? Whoever, whatever, today has swung back to near summer, and I was moody. [I am too appalled by the state of the world, not to mention the hardship suffered by some who are close to me, and my own teeny weeny capacity to hang on to not totally helpless] So I thought I would cheer myself up by getting out on a bike ride to Mansion Beach, where I could sit and meditate in the sunshine.

Meditation didn’t have the desired any effect, so looked at the rocks beyond and did the well known BI art work activity – rock balancing. Taking photos of efforts, the ferry just happened to get into the pictures, so did a flight of geese if you look carefully, and of course, the beautiful Block Island off-shore windmills can be seen from here too – they are due to switch on in a couple of weeks.

Track into Mansion Beach
Looking south to the windfarm
Taking a rock picture, discover the ferry beyond
Then a flight of geese above the ferry
Same rocks, different angle, the sea is stunningly beautiful today
Another rock balanced
Take a last shot looking back, find a gull on his rock

3 thoughts on “Meditation Rocks

  1. What a splendid thing to do, especially when our minds won’t either shut up or go in the direction we would like.

    It’s a lovely art form, minding one’s toes of course, steel capped boots would be essential for my butter fingers.

    You have inspired me to have a go here with my own little rocks and stones in the garden !!!

    The sun is shining today, the sky is blue, not a cloud in sight. Cats on my windowsill, staring me full in the face – “where’s the outside food then?” – birds feeding behind them, oblivious to the claws a few feet away, going about their business as usual.

    Ain’t life great?

    My best love to you all,

    Angela and the very spoiled cat called Peter Pan who, like his namesake, never grows up.



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