More rocks – different beach – this time to stop me being too bored when walking Finlay. He is in one of the pictures.

Why am I with Finlay this weekend ? Because the girls soccer team has been off island playing the final of the CPL championships. And they won.


Block Island Hurricanes are the champions.


4 thoughts on “Champions

  1. Pick an interesting rock – and hold it with patience and infinitesimal movements until you feel it is holding itself! Takes a while… then step back and take photo. It is another of those ephemeral art things – wind or spume may take them down. As far as beaches go, we are a small island – the crescent beach is all sand, so is the West beach, in between the cobblestones and sand shift from storm to storm – this beach had a lot more sand the last time I was on it.


    1. I see! relief For the life of me I couldn’t think how they could get there or stay there naturally.
      Although the massive Finger of God in Namibia was unbelievably top-heavy, and who knows how many centuries it had stood. It did fall down eventually, however.


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