Election, Choice, Live Life

Writing the title, the word “live” can be adjective or verb, different pronunciation. Is it an instruction to go get a life and live it, or an observation that life is alive anyway?

I am in USA and it is an Election Day. The main choice on offer is least worst, to put it mildly as I don’t feel at all mild about it. So this afternoon I went out to enjoy a most beautiful weather day in this beautiful peaceful island. On Ballard’s beach I met Grace Luddy a photographer, carrying all her equipment. She will find a viewpoint and capture a moment in her own words “physical truth, practical truth” a way to be in the world. [see her prints here] These below are mine, to remind me of a day when some choices are being made. We think they are important, we/I get upset by them. In the scale of reality, or “all” whatever that is, this life is a grain of sand, a drop in the ocean. The paradox, I am so glad to be alive, with the others also here, in this world. I will carry on making choices and hope some of them move beyond least worst.


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