Just thinkin’

OK, um , f&(, sht Looking on facebook, but these are all my friends so it is not unexpected that I like post after post, on this day when the contagion of phobia seems to have been triumphant.

lemmings1What about one of my own heartfelt beliefs – we are all human? Even those millions who put their X on the sociopath egomaniac now president elect person? Even him?

Another of my beliefs, less well known maybe even to myself, we are in our inner worlds made up of multiple identities, whole families in there in unconscious, doing what families do, being one against in relation to the outer world, but inside full of good parents bad parents bossy sisters and whinging little brothers and siblings and rivalries and … those emotion thingys, like h.a.t.e. and f.e.a.r. and bleaggahh disgust and shame and murderousness.

Happy to offer the happy positive emotions up for inspection to the outside world – look how friendly, positive, patient, kind compassionate, courageous, …

Take care, here comes S.M.U.G. and that old faithful, good intention, I feel good because I am better than you, I am the wise one and you have yet to learn, I feel good when I am the helper and you the helpee, or even the yet-to-be-fit-to-be a helpee, because you are still in the nursery tantrum when you say Listen, Listen, Listen and are not using your words properly.

Long ago there was a book called Games People Play

It is not a game. What has happened might be that when the outer world (the institutions we have created) cannot find ways to listen to the destructiveness that is colluded with on every level, then the nasty fractious inside family gets projected out on to anything that can be seen to fit some of its shape. [I recently found a paper on Academia about competitive capitalism that understands how this happens.]

Are we in a vicious school playground world without any grownups to call us on the competition? and say STOP IT NOW. YOU KNOW BETTER. No, we are not. I am not talking about the pundits way of saying Trump supporters are the uneducated, the unwashed, the others, the not us, nice thinking people. [However accurate?]

I am talking about all of us who find it easier to think that those who think differently from ourselves do not have a valid view from their perspective. I find it hard to listen to the perspective of some others, but I do believe this is what I should learn to do, not to agree, but so that each of us has a wider way of seeing what it is that is happening.

Collaborative Process – act so that the aims of each are enabled. I do not mean the destructive aims, I mean look for and FIND the humanity in everyone, and work with that.

This is hard – help wanted.




What do you think?

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