Trump’s Triumph: DiEM25 on how progressives must react

Become international. One world. Reach out to all and get over being tribal. Nationalistic pride is not the same as valuing local community as I wish my friends in Scotland would learn too.

Yanis Varoufakis

PicassoGuernica.jpgDonald Trump’s victory marks the end of an era when a self-confident Establishment preached the end of history, the end of passion and the supremacy of a technocracy working on behalf of the 1%. But the era it ushers in is not new. It is a new variant of the 1930s, featuring deflationary economics, xenophobia and divide-and-rule politics.

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2 thoughts on “Trump’s Triumph: DiEM25 on how progressives must react

  1. “The establishment is full of people who are trying and trying to ‘do the right thing’ with good intentions.”

    Yes, but they are not willing to downsize themselves, and cut their wages down, as it should be needed because they are paid by the whole society.


    1. I agree [I wish I could read your blog but I do not have spanish being a “white privilege” person brought up without any notion that mono-lingual is a disadvantage hard to reset in later life]. I think they are emotionally immature, as many are, working on an unconscious prioritizing survival that is totally unnecessary and outdated in reality. In my way of thinking that is the only way I can come up with understanding why humans are so destructive. I am also interested and involved in monetary reform – I think this underlies much of the awful directions that society worldwide is taking


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