Finlay can swim

I was happily watching Finlay have fun on the pebbly beach, while I idled the time away balancing a very fine rock, and taking photos of it. Help! Panic! Finlay roused a duck from behind one of the big boulders. He had it in his mouth, it got away, it scrambled, fluttered, Finlay barked so … More Finlay can swim

How not to do it

I do love WordPress, but sometimes I confuse myself. Technology rules. I also love Jacqui Lawson e-cards and you know ’tis the season and all that, so I sent a lot of people an e-card, with a link to a pdf file on here about what 2016 was like for me. Then I heard that … More How not to do it

Winter Beach Days

I am trying to think “holiday” but as always – trying – wrong way to experience the holiday feeling. I get more of it, and the relax, and the wonder, and the new, and the old, when I am out on the beaches. I shall do bits of proper trying later, doing the Christmas gifts … More Winter Beach Days