Shame – but do not be ashamed

This is about UK – applies also to other nations. Read the Spirit Level or The Grip of Death or Psychopathic Cultures , or any other efforts to analyse the how and the why in a world of plenty there is so much division. Do not be fooled by the ideology that suggests there is scarcity – this world has plenty for all, the sun shines and the rain rains on everyone and every land.

Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion 2016, an annual state of the nation report written for the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation by the New Policy Institute, has found that 13.5 million people, 21% of the UK’s population, are living in poverty.

In 2016, with the knowledge and skills we have, this is totally and absolutely shaming. It is especially shaming to those who do not live in poverty, and who have “enough” whatever that is. We are the people who have to act, as those in poverty, even while in work, have quite enough to do managing the idiotic states they find themselves in, while their bank slaps on an overdraft fee because a utility bill went out before the wage came in, or the council made a mistake assessing their council tax rebate and sent two demanding letters each of which is incorrect and contradictory. These are both real examples of where the margins of living without endless unsought stress gets more and more narrow. There are countless such. [It is a different rant why corporate life believes the nonsense that efficiency means one person is good enough to do a job that used to take two; did no-one ever get that “effective” is different and means time to think and be reflective about what one does, relate to people, be a person, rather than a cog ashamed of most of what is to be done as it is just a pile of s*&t to be disposed of.]

I just want to say to those who do not have enough, do not be ashamed: Turn your shame into will to keep going, this struggle is not because you are inadequate, it is your society that is failing, especially the government that has now been in power for over 6 years and have continued to make ideological decisions that report after report has shown to quite clearly drive inequality and poverty. Tell the people you know that you and others need them to act and make a change.

To the rest of us – ACT – in any way you can, especially as a citizen. You can carry biscuits or loose change in your pocket for the homeless on out streets, but quite honestly, it is more necessary that you take part in changing the mindsets of those who don’t or won’t see why those people are there on the street in the first place, and more necessary that you see that many who are in work, not on the streets, are engaged in a relentless effort to just keep going under near hopeless conditions. Become a citizen, an active citizen. Write or email your member of parliament, your council representative, join a group or party that does the work of acting against austerity ideology and poverty.

This is not the way any of us want to live, or live seeing that others have to live this way. This poverty is caused by mindsets, unwillingness to see, not primarily about money or sharing of resources. But when you start looking it might be that monetary reform comes into the picture too, even though it seems a dry and unsexy subject.

Rant over. Please listen. Every little helps …we can…




2 thoughts on “Shame – but do not be ashamed

  1. I agree, but having recently embarked upon the de-cluttering that has to be undertaken now that I have put my house on the market, I am being forced to read again the paperwork that accumulated over years of involvement with campaigning groups of older people for older people before deciding to shred the highly sensitive and just bin the general-run-of-the-mill stuff.

    My conclusions; so much time wasted listening to and believing the ‘guff’ being dispensed by the Establishment while we believed the bureaucrats were genuine – they weren’t – and they still aren’t. Nevertheless, a smile added to ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ still work wonders.

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    1. Quite! Being kind and polite, not because you are cowed into it, but because you are taught why it matters to us all. I love Jackie Kay’s poem about her parents:
      George Square

      My seventy seven year old father
      Put his reading glasses on
      To help my mother do the buttons
      On the back of her dress.
      ‘What a pair the two of us are!’
      my mother said, ‘Me with my sore wrist,
      you with your bad eyes, your soft thumbs!’

      And off they went, my two parents
      To march against the war in Iraq,
      Him with his plastic hips, her with her arthritis
      To congregate at George Square where the banners
      Waved at each other like old friends, flapping,
      Where’d they’d met for so many marches over their years,
      For peace on earth, for pity’s sake, for peace, for peace.

      Jackie Kay Bloodaxe Books

      Good luck with the stress of house sale and moving, another new phase in life begins.


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