Winter Beach Days

I am trying to think “holiday” but as always – trying – wrong way to experience the holiday feeling. I get more of it, and the relax, and the wonder, and the new, and the old, when I am out on the beaches. I shall do bits of proper trying later, doing the Christmas gifts to charity etc. (decided a long time ago and told all except the children, that was where the card money etc. would now go, and emails will be sent. Maybe New Year if my trying again fails to live up to the thought.)

A series of pictures from the beach walks, end November until today:

An Atlantic Sturgeon, washed up on Mosquito Beach, these fish, among the oldest fish species, are endangered, threatened
“Scutes”, not scales, are bony, and have weathered so they look like lace, or an art work
A day’s rain, welcomed at the end of November, then the trickle below Spring Street became a stream that changed the shape of the beach
The day after the rain, Finlay wallowed in the water
When in a hole, keep on digging
This morning, 11 December, frosty and sunny, the colors from Champlains to the mainland
This afternoon, Ballards, utterly peaceful, very quiet
In summer this is the place where the beach huts sell all sorts of drinks, and umbrellas, chairs etc. No-one except me today, no other footprints either.
Down to the water, shades of brown to blue/grey
How many blues can there be?
Close to the water, where the rocks are, so many different rocks, garnet, quartz, mica, pyrite, agate, and all. [The geology talks of terminal moraine]
just turn around, all the browns of the sand and the brush beyond

2 thoughts on “Winter Beach Days

  1. Oh, what beaches!!!


    The colours of the natural world continue to astound me and I don’t know why, after all these years, I continue to be so amazed.

    Good for you, giving to Charity instead of largely meaningless gifts one to another.

    I gave that all up years ago too, telling all and sundry that we had plenty and others had nothing, asking them to please reciprocate with any Charity of their choice. Personally, I give to the Food Bank here – I also give every three months or so as people need to eat all year, not just at Christmas. It’s a very personal thing for me, remembering being 13 years old with no home and nothing to eat, except for the generosity of one Aunt who left us a weekly box of essentials. Without that……………………….

    Oftentimes, we think we need things but we don’t. We only want them.

    Enjoy your “other” Portrush, your lovely family and all that life has to give us, freely, without restrictions.

    Best love,

    Me and Peter Pan, who climbed to the top of a fifty foot tree t’other day, giving us all heart attacks.



    1. Getting there – as your inbox will tell you! I do so agree that charity is not just for Christmas. You have to keep an eye on that Peter Pan, you cannot be going up trees even in thought


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