Compete or Share? Online?

This is a serious philosophical question about the kind of life we live, and where we give our support? I know we all compromise – but still that is not the same as not thinking about it, and doing a bit here and there. I love wikipedia! And I support them. Why? I do not love Facebook, though I use it a bit too, and I do link my blog over to it.

Online activity – if you are reading this you likely do at least some, some of the time. Are you interested in the difference that is developing, mirroring differences in managing life world-wide? Do you compete, or do you share? [I am not talking games here, soccer or golf or whatever, as competition is great stuff – so long as those in it remember they share the field of play and the rules of the game.]

While the internet is a “commons” the application sites on it are a mix of non-profit organizations, and commercial. The internet itself is generally operated as commons, that is sharing the property, that is how Tim Berners Lee set it up. in commons, each effort is given to all (see creative commons distribution, for example). OR, in commercial, the application operates as an enterprise with an eye to the market, basically selling something others want or use, for gain.

Some of the most used sites, Wikipedia, and Google and Facebook represent this difference. the first lines up as “commons”, the other two in the second category. Now you know why I love Wikipedia, but just use Facebook. Like me, you will have noticed the vertical system of control from the ‘top’ or ‘centre’ in FB, and the way information posted by users is controlled and linked to similar types of information, while the rest is sort of ‘walled off’ and becomes less and less accessible, never mind the adverts!

Wikipedia works on a principle of creative open commons, hoping their input is of value to others. It is funded by crowd-funding donation. I have always given them a little. Do you?

Do you think this internet philosophy is WORTH KEEPING? Go to Wikipedia, and give, they are worth it. This has recently appeared, hence I thought I would ask you what you value.


For a really dense read try Jeremy Rifkin: The Zero Marginal Cost Society he is not a fan of the catchy title, nor the short sentence.

Or, noticing how corporations are trying to collar the internet commons, look at:

Internet Neutrality and all the ‘see also’ links here.

Open Rights Group

Sum of us against corporate control of the internet




One thought on “Compete or Share? Online?

  1. Dear Elspeth,

    Like you, I use Wikipedia a lot and yes, I have donated a little more than I can afford!!

    Let’s hope enough others do the same.

    As for Facebook – well, I don’t know where to start with that monster.

    It has destroyed lives, been hacked so many times, personal info and details misused, etc., etc.

    I know fans will say “but I only use it for friends”.

    No you don’t. That may be your intention but anything posted is up for grabs.

    Years and years ago, before I knew better, I used it. Then something appeared on my profile which I had not posted myself.

    So, I tried to delete my account. It won’t let you. You can “pause”, the law says we have to have the option to delete but it will never work. Try cancelling a thousand times, you still won’t be able to do it. That means your info is there forever.

    Help is at hand though!!

    I got so upset at them I spent a full week trawling the Internet, knowing there would be a 13 year old Chinese boy up a remote mountain who would have the formula.

    I found him…………………….wah-hey!!

    So I was able to permanently delete myself and gave the formula to others who wanted to do the same thing.

    Sadly, that’s where my smartness ends.

    I printed lots of the formula, gave them all away and didn’t keep the details…………………..or so I think. There may be one copy somewhere in the heaps of unread paperwork I hide in every possible space.

    Oh dear !!

    Best love,

    Angela and Peter Pan.



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