Poetry Out Loud at BI

Thanks to Nancy Greenaway who enthuses Block island School students in so many ways, one of which is Poetry Out Loud. My eldest grand-daughter and her friends are now old enough to join in, and on Thursday we heard five wonderful young people recite two poems each. They make their own choice from hundreds on the POL site.

This was one that Fiona chose.

By A. E. Stallings

The two of them stood in the middle water,
The current slipping away, quick and cold,
The sun slow at his zenith, sweating gold,
Once, in some sullen summer of father and daughter.
Maybe he regretted he had brought her—
She’d rather have been elsewhere, her look told—
Perhaps a year ago, but now too old.
Still, she remembered lessons he had taught her:
To cast towards shadows, where the sunlight fails
And fishes shelter in the undergrowth.
And when the unseen strikes, how all else pales
Beside the bright-dark struggle, the rainbow wroth,
Life and death weighed in the shining scales,
The invisible line pulled taut that links them both.

I was very moved, and have just searched all those pictures in the depths of the computer files, and found several from 12 years ago. Help! 12 years! That fisher girl in the red jacket gets her driving license soon. These photos are very much for family and friends. To me they do show why she chose the poem, how aware she is that she is loved.

You can see why soppy granny was moved by the poem.


One thought on “Poetry Out Loud at BI

  1. How insightful……………….

    Knowing, understanding, truly telling, with love.

    Makes me feel soppy too!!

    Thank you for sharing.

    Best love,

    Me and PP.


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