Winter Walking

Low tide, winter beach, space, above below all around, immensity, ambience.


Yesterday was one of those days where the kind of thoughts that come unbidden are tumbling through my mind, rapid succession, unrelated, brought in from somewhere in the immensity of far horizons, walking alone in winter.

Not unrelated, I will soon be traveling again, on Monday I head for the opposite side of the world, Guangzhou, China. I will see my son and grandsons. I will be fairly warm. I will be in a huge city. I will love it.


I still can, I will travel. It does not always have to be to family. I want to see the northern lights again. (only seen once in my life – so ? go north this summer ?)

I read sci-fi. Neal Stephenson’s knowledge amazes. Equally amazing are many authors, other genres, like the totally different Chimimanda Adichie. How can they know so much, convey so much, are they not wonderful? Stephenson’s Seveneves has a subtext about glider technology, it may be possible to fly all over without fossil fuel, use the weather and thermal winds. Hurray, don’t feel my ecological guilt trip about taking another trip.

Politics then. How come the politics of “commons” is so hard to convey, while the politics of competition, petty nationalisms, us vs them, is really easy to get going?

Psychology then. We all have all the basic emotional baggage that motivates our higher order thoughts and actions in the world, the patterns that we have inside ourselves, our own particulars, can be projected onto the outside, self-fulfilling prophecy, we get the world and the cultures in it that we already had in us. Unless, we will, WILL, to act differently.

Bleak thought, winter of discontent, here, now. The outside cultures have done more of their horrible lurches towards incitement of the nastier sides of emotional baggage.

Happy thought, I had a lot of pleasure recently re-engaged in group learning (thank you group, you know who you are). We didn’t get around to the horribleness of perverse culture formation, or how it grows, that can happen, when the time for it comes.

Look at the sky. Be small. I am one.

Walk home. See far horizons. Many others also see. We have internet, distributed communication, we are in a new era, a new Ambience  We are all part of what will happen.

Construct, create, care, play, love.

Wow, I feel ready to go today!


10 thoughts on “Winter Walking

  1. It’s your winter wonderland.

    How very, very beautiful.

    Thank you for letting me see it.

    Please give my love to your family in China.

    Travel well, arrive safely.

    Best love,

    Angela and Peter Pan.



  2. Thoughts are strange when they veer off in all angles, Elspeth… sometimes the fun part is making some kind of sense of them. Enjoy your travels! I’m hoping to see the Northern Lights one day, although I’m waiting for them to appear over the UK so I don’t have to go too far! 😀


    1. I know what you mean by that! I read the word as both positive and negative, after all we even speak of bacterial culture… hm hm … thoughts there about how infectious or contagious some cultures are. Rampant epidemic if we do not take care. I wish the media would understand an idea like quarantine and not mention the toxic lot.


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