It could be anywhere. I am having coffee and croissant, the barista offered the choices, americano, cappuccino, … but when I sit to write before finding my way to a cash point that will accept my card, the voices around are speaking Chinese. (Barista switched effortlessly to English when I reached the counter.)


This is the visitor cafeteria at the British School of Guangzhou.


Yes, I have arrived in China again, outside the mist is grey across the south lake. The sun will soon be up, later today I will carry my jacket, already it is 15C (60F) and rising. My grandsons have gone to their classrooms, no doubt boy photos will follow.

This school is multi-everything, school buses are still yellow, I am a bit spaced out after 36 hours travel, boat train plane horrible transfer at Beijing airport and another plane taxi in the wee small hours here, rather more school buses than at BI, anywhere with coffee feels pretty good.





2 thoughts on “Anywhere

    1. Exciting is one word for it. Nuts would be another if you had seen me trying to find a staffed Hainan airlines transfer desk in the late evening so I could get a boarding card for the Beijing – Guangzhou flight. however, now it is quiet.


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