A Sunday in Guangzhou

I have been here nearly a week, and the boys and Donal are on school holiday for Chinese New Year. This is my third trip to this part of Guangzhou, so I feel I know the local surroundings. It is also not the first time I have been here for Chinese New Year, my very first trip to China in 2004 was to Panyu, on the outskirts of this huge sprawl of a city, so the orange trees that appear everywhere are no surprise. [Like fir trees in other places for Christmas]. It is cool out, not cold, and warm in the sun.

We walked to South Lake, to a restaurant on the lakeside, for Sunday brunch of dim sum. That is also not a surprise as it is the specialty of the region, almost anywhere in Guangzhou offers these tiny parcels of crisp veg, rice noodle wrappings of ?something?, shrimp dumplings, etc. Wonderful. Lovely to watch Louis and Ali help Donal translate the characters on the extensive menu pages, so he ticked the boxes for 肠粉, 炒饭  and not something else. [I am also remembering some chinese – with the help of the phone app.]

Yes. I am back in China.


One thought on “A Sunday in Guangzhou

  1. Thank you Elspeth, for sharing such beautiful moments.

    There is such peace emanating from your pictures.

    Everybody looking well and happy.


    Best love,

    Me and PP.



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