Song and dance, celebration and struggle!

Chinese New Year celebrations this morning: A “lion dance” outside the supermarket that is of course open for business. I am not looking [much] at news from elsewhere. Ugh noises. But I am thinking about economics [again], how to eradicate the dreadful inequalities, how to look after this wonderful earth, etc. Scroll down for a great song to listen to below the photo. Share if you like it. Scroll further for a selection of photos from the last few days, especially the family celebrations.

I find myself wishing things like I wish my mum could have known this – her own first precious grandson and his sons and their cousins having a great time … in China. What would she have made of it, and of the internet, and all and all? [Thank you Tim Berners Lee, you launched it as “commons“. Similarly Wikipedia is “commons”. Support them, and fight to keep them that way.]


And a song … pretty good too even if it is about ‘banking'[from Adelia Tisdall].

and a poem

and a few photos from the last couple of days


7 thoughts on “Song and dance, celebration and struggle!

  1. Great article, thank you. It made me reflect on the unseen and insidious miasma of “othering” which occurs – like weird code in the background of our society. In South Africa, in spite of our formal political and trade relations with China, I sense a resentment towards the “new” chinese who appear to be emissaries of an exploitative imperialist foriegn agent. Whther or not there is any basis for this fear and resulting mimetic scapegoating, it gave me pause to reflect on the same anxieties which gave rise to anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany, the present rise of anti-immigrant animosity in the West, and xenophobia and scapegoating in my own country. I can only describe these unseen attitudes as an “evil miasma”.

    The pictures are a reminder of our shared humanity, that we are all human, the human race, one family.


  2. I think it is an unconscious survival response – to fear ‘other’ and then rationalise aspects of otherness as bad and to be avoided… or some other sort of highly complex mix … it is counter-intuitive to resist and get to know the ‘other’ but what riches emerge when the first judgement is indeed resisted. They are us, the whole spectrum, thank you for the comment, and good wishes to all South Africans who have indeed had a troubled history. I do think each of us that tries harder, has an effect, however small.


    1. Thank you Elspethc and I so agree with you -” to know the ‘other’ ” is the first critical step in reversing these negatives. And also your point that even a small effect has value – its not only the broad strokes of government policy that matter!




    1. i am also interested in Yiannis Gabriel’s work, as I am in psycho-social understanding about how/ why we continue to get ourselves into the messes we do. Have you come across Paul Hoggett and his idea of “perverse social culture”? I will check out ‘miasma’ as it sounds similar.


  3. Aw, there you go again……….lovely, smiley family pics and then the body blow of our reality.

    You are making me think again.

    Don’t know whether to thank you or not !!

    I woke up today to a dull, grey morning and found beauty in it, glad to be alive for another day, grateful for it despite its unconventional attraction, watching nature doing what it does best, providing food and shelter for all, fat raindrops glistening like left over Christmas decorations, the beautiful sound of silence.

    As to what your lovely Mum would have thought about her now international family………….I think she would have been pleased to see how happy they all are, no matter where in the world they live.

    Enjoy the rest of your sojourn.

    Best love,



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    1. I just love your comments, you really read and I feel my mixed up feelings are just what they are. I am amazed by the world, get more childish every day, if being delighted and curious and bewildered all at once is childlike. Love you and remember you knew my mum, that’s good too. Xo


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