The Good News

I have been really busy since I returned to Block Island two weeks ago – resuming walks and talks etc. I take a reflection group, very positive outcome from emotional education talks earlier in the year; I am doing an online course that is the best of these offerings yet – I have even had to do assignments, and found myself wanting to do them; NAMI BI is responding to the opioid crisis that has been much in news here, and I am now on a subcommittee planning that; the weather has been wonderful so I have been out walking a lot with friends, by myself, with Finlay the dog, and with Crazy as a Coot birdwalkers. Yesterday Kim took us on the Sachem Pond uplands walk – three hours – mind blowing sand blown beach and fields – history and nature here – from large to small with Kim’s wonderful knowledge-full-mini-lectures as we went.

But this morning I checked out the news, the good (to me anyway) news. The Northern Ireland snap election has reduced the overall majority of the DUP. They can no longer use their veto (and very fundamentalist views) to prevent socially liberal laws being passed – such as those on reproductive health and gay marriage. (You might not have known that Northern Ireland still forces individuals to get on the boat to Scotland or England.) Good News.

Hurray – the world needs a bit of generosity of spirit.

That is what my “Money Talk” will be about – how we have a system that pushes generosity out and greed in. NI friends, tell your new assembly to take their power and change this system! It is not money itself, it is the monetary system that is the root of all evil … or as I don’t believe in evil existing alone, just say the root of inability to make headway on so much that all of us care about.


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