Change for the better

I have been having a lot of enjoyment lately, even fun, believe it or not, as I took an online course about monetary reform. OK not everyone’s idea of fun – but do look at Positive Money notions if you wonder why your favourite cause is always having to find funds, or your family is working too hard.

My lovely nine year old grandson Louis works away at his art, loves “just reading”, doesn’t care for football, and all that stuff. He was being reflective and said he thought he was a bit nerdy. Enjoying myself made me realise I am more than a bit nerdy too, and always have been, maybe just not so aware of it. Oh well, the course was very stretching, and engaging, with lots of good information and documentary film, and also, lots of ways to make us, the students, get stuck in. Finally, they said if we wanted to contribute to further education process, send in a power point slide. So I did. It sums up some of what I ended up thinking we need.


No harm in hoping. I want my nerdy grandson, and his not-nerdy brother Ali, and all the other sons and daughters of us all to come, to have a world left for them to live in.


What do you think?

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