Time to spend

Traveling again, a brief trip back to Edinburgh. Now, getting away involves getting the boat, this is  Block Island, so even though the plane leaves late evening, I found myself in Boston by midday with time to spend.

So I visited the Museum of Fine Art. The photos will remind me of some of the pleasures in a day with time to spend. Money, Van Gogh and Sisley and co are always worth the gaze, but this time I got blown away by some of the glassware (pun intended), especially the tall lime green tree that I managed to photo with the top cut off, and the strange sculpture that had clefts and excisions in it so that the view altered depending on where one was standing.


I loved the Monet I hadn’t ever see anywhere as reproduction or postcard. There were others to gaze at too, I will remember this tree on the seacoast.


What do you think?

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