On the move…again

Traveling involves a lot of sitting about waiting, with no responsibilities other than keeping an eye on the departure board. I have done a lot in these few weeks away from BI, now I am on the way back. Did quite a bit of Positive Money stuff, on my other blog and good to meet up with those thoughtful folk. Saw a lot of Edinburgh son and friends, did a lot of walking. Edinburgh has miles of off-the-main-road ways to enjoy. (Also a lot of that tedious house management stuff, but apart from saying I really like my efficient plumber, no comment needed about that).

Photos from the Botanic Gardens and Haddington Community Garden and a late spring evening with shadows across the Meadows that was covered in people a half hour earlier. Signs of spring everywhere in contrast to the other signs, of people distress, inequality, struggle.

If you find those uncomfortable contrasts too, join me and my friends who have realised we need to construct a new way of issuing money into our global, local, societies. Independence won’t do it, it is likely to replicate the same monetary system as before, whether it calls it pounds or scotspounds. I have heard a lot about Indy ref. A distraction, from the root problem. There are a lot of references on my other blog. http://transitionalspace.wordpress.com


What do you think?

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