Womens’ Rights, a Sisters’ Home

I have been editing again for the Sisters’ Home – proper name in pashto language is Khwendo Kor, and in between going for walks and watching girls play softball, I am reading of another place where culture is somewhat different. Sometimes I am crying, as well as reading, but that is what gives the energy to do the work and the tears are about being so moved by the resilience and determination of everyone in KK. I remember that just a couple of generations ago, women (and men too) had to bring this kind of resolve in my own parts of the world. Indeed, there is still some work to do, but at least I have earned my own living, I have had education, and I can go out walking.

KKlogoKK works in North West Pakistan. Since 1993 in villages and communities, this group has worked, and been challenged, and worked again, to enable the rights of women, to make progress sustainable, and to develop communities of men and women: “A compassionate society where women live with dignity and self-reliance“. Their work encompasses Education, Health, Economic Empowerment and Civil Rights, and since earthquake and military operations have displaced millions it also includes Humanitarian Response, or, as they say, “a Social Responsibility“. Quite.

So I feel that they should be supported, however we can give that support (join FROK, the UK group from which I first heard of KK). This year they have made documentary videos.

Make a Difference through Educating Girls of KP and FATA, Pakistan

Health in KP and FATA

And, by the way, tomorrow in this healthy place where I live we have a Postcard Party – to write to representatives to maintain the rights of women that have been fought for here, and that – almost unbelievably – seem to now be threatened. Then we will watch a different kind of film, Embrace. Another kind of coercion? I like KK’s vision of dignity and self-reliance, wherever it has to be fought for, it is worth the fight.


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