Therapy, what’s that?

This morning I was up early to see my sister off on the boat, after her two week sojourn (very successful) on Block Island. Thought I would have a cooking morning – it’s therapeutic and there is a lot of left over veg in the fridge, no bread, etc.

Left over veg is best as a puree type soup, so put the pre-gloop on to cook with tasty spices (also left over), and then the bread in the oven. Veg is cooling, put the first lot in the blender. So pleased with myself.

Forgot the lid.

Have you ever tried to take half-whizzed celery stalks out of an egg-whisk?

Not to mention the toaster, my shirt, the cupboard doors and the so well-named splashback. Etc.

Cleaning is therapeutic too.

I am so glad the bread was still in the oven.

I am still pleased with myself. I have a very clean kitchen.



2 thoughts on “Therapy, what’s that?

  1. Ha-ha!!!

    Yes, we have ALL forgotten the lid and/or overfilled the flask.

    So glad you and Veronica had a good time with the family. I know she loves the time she spends on Block Island.

    Your bread looks gorgeous. Did you bake it?

    Best love to all,

    Me and PP.



  2. Hmm…………………………..these keep bouncing back to me when I reply with the message “invalid recipient”.

    Trying again.

    Best love,

    Me and PP.



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