What Can Block Island DO?

It is a long time since I have had so much to do. What a month, and it isn’t over yet. This


morning I prepared a poster display ready for the NAMI BI Opioid Conference, first event this Saturday, then the rest the following weekend. As well as being on the sub-committee, I look after the website, so had all the updating to do. We had a lot of meetings and emailings etc. as it’s a co-operative venture not a telling-people-what to-do sort of event, and of course other island groups do a lot with addiction, recovery, treatment and prevention, [See BI Medical Centre and BI Wellness Coalition, I look after Wellness website too, and have still to update that one – tomorrow is another day]

Four-Legs-poster-BI.aiThe planning started way back in February, we were just going to have a discussion. Reasoning – no matter how idyllic BI sounds, it is not immune to the problems, and we have had deaths as well as destructive life effects here. We wanted to inform ourselves and raise awareness.

As soon as we started, it grew… and grew… speaker, generous without cost, people clamoring to be on a panel representing all the island groups.

We were offered a drama performance – it looks terrific – from a mainland group C.O.A.A.S.T. had to arrange venue, refreshments, etc.

Now we have awareness already raised and the event is nearly upon us, lets see what happens, we are asking: What Can Block Island Do? We hope talking together will help even one good idea to emerge.

All of this in the same month that my sister was out to stay, and friend Faye from Norway is on-island, and a tranche of editing came in from Khwendo Kor, and I am also working with an interested group on general pro-active What sort of Block Island Community do We Want that will address some of the major issues pro-actively (Sea-level rise, tourist vs residents needs, affordable housing, etc etc., a microcosm of everyones issues everywhere). More on this later I hope about community gardens, transition groups, even community currency or L.E.T.S or something, but its very preliminary.

Isn’t that one of the major issues? The politicians and others I like to rant at or about, are also human, time and energy limited. We do what we can in the time available, and it is sometimes very hard to sit back and think about the bigger pictures, the long-term. Progress is not only slow, sometimes it seems we go backwards.

Yes – but the really great thing about getting so involved with all this – as well as birdwalking and a bit of poetry and friends and family – is that each and every day I am with others who all put in their bit, however time limited, however energy gets low.

Together, communication, thoughtful, mindful, skilled, inspiring…

and we get a lot of fun out of it too!!!!!




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