Summer coming, me going

Well this is my last day on Block Island for a while – I head out tomorrow, first for Edinburgh and then even further as I hope to see the family in New Zealand in July.

IMG_0360It has been an incredibly busy month here, first the NAMI BI Mental Health Month Conference, then I got the Community Visions poster up in the Library, to begin what I imagine might be a 2/3 year sort of conversation. We do a lot here already, but I am hoping we might become a Transition Town.

There is quite a bit of support for the idea, but the actual making it happen is harder to envisage. The other place these thoughts come from is of course the really great online course I took this winter – Money and Society – there is another run of it happening in August. I recommend this course! It helps one to hope. Block Island does an incredible amount of transition type things already, in particular, since May, when the diesel generators switched off, WE HAVE BEEN POWERED BY WIND.

Today is beautiful – as always – and a very low tide in the morning so I walked the Crescent Beach – stopped to watch a great white egret. I don’t usually see them on this beach. By the time I walked back he had gone – probably over to the Great Salt Pond where there are always several at this time of year.

And I also watched the boat leave the harbor, I should be on it tomorrow. Goodbye BI.


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