Aftermath – message to Jeremy Corbyn

I do not have any comment to make on the recent UK election, others are commenting enough, speculation, planning, “doing deals” or whatever their position calls them to do. I have no authority anywhere that might affect outcomes.

Or? Maybe every tiny bit at least affects me, I feel I do something.

So here goes. Jeremy Corbyn, as leader of the Labour Party, please select your shadow cabinet from those who unstintingly follow the policies you put forward, and even more, those who share your attitude to engagement with what people care about. I care about Green politics, you might like to move in their direction, rather than appease neo-liberal elements in your own party, who do not inspire me with a vision of the future the way that your policies and attitude do. Of course you will talk and listen to others – because you have already shown that’s what you do – even those who tried to topple you and now consider they were wrong, and those in Liberal-Democrat, Conservative, SNP and Welsh/ Northern Irish parties, as their agendas are part of what government is about. But I hope you will listen, not to find some “middle” place, but to find the perspective from which all can get behind a direction towards well-being for us all, where ethics and co-operation genuinely lead as they matter more than “Public Relations” versions of persuasion.

I care about roads to PEACE, I think they lead through well-being, through absolute rejection of the divisive competitive market economics that has brought us to “austerity”. I see that you also care about these things. [Indeed it seems clear that your conversations of the past with IRA or Palestine or others for which some like to vilify you, have been about finding routes to peace, not about agreeing with their means or their ends, but about understanding that only by dialogue can lasting change take place.]

Stay with it, attitude, direction, care. I like what you do.

This does not mean I would do the same, it does not mean I follow everything, I may not even be clear enough about all the complexities of the contexts to agree with all.

It means, the direction you travel, the policies you propose, bring me hope. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Aftermath – message to Jeremy Corbyn

  1. I still have reservations about Jeremy, but not as many as with the Conservative gang and their policies. The one consolation is that it doesn’t seem that they have sunk as low as USA other than in having that disgusting little tick, Michael Gove, as Environment Secretary.


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