Activity promotes Wellbeing

The New Economics Foundation (well worth looking at) listed five acts that we can all do, that promote wellbeing:

connecting to the people around us (grandsons and their cousins – tick)

being active in our bodies (see below – tick)

taking notice of the world (driving hire car on left in New Zealand – tick)

learning new skills (see below – discussing how to play mini golf in Chinese  – tick)

giving to others (boys have been living in China, most of their stuff is there – see below  – tick)

As Yun is helping Cindy in the shop, and the four boys are banned from iPads for the morning, the request was ‘play mini-golf’. The first place we went to had closed down two years before, but we found another (cost us 40NZD), 3 enjoyed, 1 desperately frustrated and disappointed, and I am pretty sure the other customers were not so happy with the Chinglish Instructions – did my best! We do have a table-tennis table in the garage, but we need variety, and I would like to be outdoors – in the garden – not having to drive elsewhere and then watch the fabulous four heading in four different directions. So, after lunch I decided to see what delights Warehouse could offer for general activity, THEY HAD A DISCOUNT SALE. OOPS, HURRAY. 140 NZD for all,this stuff!


IMG_0428We will be playing badminton, volley ball and pole tennis tomorrow. I hope it does not rain. But if it does, plenty of indoor fun too.

I will,have to work out how to play pictionary in Chinese, and the scrabble will be a good way to help Doudou and Dudu with their English. Maybe MeiZhou (my co-granny) will play too, she does all the cooking and housework and needs lots of help with English to manage living in New Zealand.

Is it any wonder I am in good form? Something unexpected every day.





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