Alpaca Farm and Lazerfun

Alpaca Farm and Lazerfun? What are these, and why together?

It is Dudu’s birthday, he is 7. YeYe, (Grandfather) has a day off work, so he arranged a day out for his grandson, brother and cousins (and sundry other adults, like me). We had a wonderful time. First to an alpaca Farm (also ducks and duck eggs to be collected) then to “Chinatown” a favourite for dim sum lunch, with iced chocolate drinks and coffee as swell, not dim sum style. After that, the totally new experience at Lazertag Experience – which also has Segway and Minigolf.


Lazertag involves suiting up, getting phaser guns, and going into a dark labyrinth with another team. The suits register phaser hits! Our boys were the blue team and another four (older, bigger) who happened to be there too, were the red team. Red won, but a totally great time was had. Then LazerMaze – hit the button, the layers strike across the room, and boys have to find the way through, three strikes and the lazers switch off! Fail! (The grey photo is from the monitor outside where grown ups can observe the ducking and diving.)

The success of the day, if all this was not enough, was riding the Segway. The birthday boy took to it as if he had done it all his life, and the instructor took them on a three kilometre run to a school playing field, where they swooped around. Nainai and I followed in the car, a bit apprehensive, but the instructor knew what he was doing. When we returned to the lazertag base, everyone calmed down to have a round of minigolf, and we finallly got home as it was getting dark.

Birthday dinner, followed by birthday homemade by Yun cheesecake.

I am resting, but they are all playing Monopoly, again. Happy boys.



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