Blackford and blackberries

The Edinburgh Festival will soon be over, we will get our town back, we hope. In the meantime, I thought of riding out of town so I took the bicycle up to Blackford Hill, thought I would walk around the pond, keep away from the crowds. What a great morning. The pond is still, reflections, … More Blackford and blackberries


This week the Corner challenge from WordPress caught my attention as the first time I was in Palmerston North –  way back in 2009 before blogging – I had written a cliche ridden poem – all about this concept of corner, and its many nuances. Google has kindly provided the photo, as I am nowhere … More Corner

Not quite well

I had forgotten what it is like to be sick. I picked up a bug of some sort on the long flight back from New Zealand, was recovering more or less when I took off again, as planned, from Edinburgh to Ireland to see family there. On Sunday we drove to Dunseverick on the north … More Not quite well


Yesterday – I drove to Carterton to see my friend Fred who now lives there, an hour and a half away from Palmerston North across the Tararua Range. I looked forward to the drive, knowing how beautiful the country is. It rained. And rained. So I had a great visit with Fred and headed back, … More Contrasts