Blogging Gap Time

Snap! Just as I notice it is a long time since I wrote a blog, I found one in the inbox from Colonialist. Same difference. Life. It happens.

Another blog I like to read is, like mine, often from Block Island – look at the magnificent pictures here On Photographers Day. Philosophy in addition.

Here you see some of what I am looking at instead of blogging. Life, Living. etc. As well as all the usual things I have been making a garden, as when I returned here at the end of September and walked up through the car park to the staircase I had to walk along the little path that is separated from the windowless back of the next-door house by about 10-20 feet of slope. The slope is maybe 20-30 feet long alongside that house, and it was just brambles and dead junk with dandelion spike and weeds. So even though it is not “mine” I thought it is my home and the way to my house, and asked the others if I could do something with it. Maybe I’ll do photos next spring, it is now dug and planted with anything that the proper gardening people told me would grow in the shade. That house it back onto lies directly south of the slope, and there is a hedge at the east end of itm and a tree at the west, so shade is near total.

I have been back in Block island about six weeks, why does it feel like far far longer? A good longer time. This is the place where my wandering from one location to the next is just accepted, Lots of other people come and go too.

It has been warm, I have been swimming, then it’s windy (see Grace’s blog as before for really good photos) then sunny again. Bird walks, many other walks, talks, beach time, meetings, groups. The first photo was the day after I arrived, at Ocean View (ha ha, no ocean visible, just the mist and mystery. It felt wonderful.


We have had glorious skies, hundreds of horse-shoe crab shells at Andy’s Way, lots of ocean, and everything closing down, the houses that will be empty until next summer, the empty street.

It’s stand and stare time.

Turn off that news, that phone, that stress.

Meditate. Wonder. Feel well.


6 thoughts on “Blogging Gap Time

  1. Hello there,

    This is a test email!!

    I had to replace my laptop and truly hate this one. Probably because it’s different and the older I get, the less I can cope with change.

    How on Earth do you??!!

    Now I’ve managed to enlarge it, mistakenly, to around 200%.


    Bye for now,

    Beleaguered me.


  2. Snap again. In a low-key reflection group I belong to here on lovely Block Island, we were just yesterday evening talking about “transitions” – all the changes and losses and varied [disturbed?] responses we make. Heck indeed. But I do very well just now. after a bit of adjustment you will love the new laptop – i hope and wish – btw this came through at normal size xo xo


  3. Snap! It is something like that. I also was caught up in life or this case death. Dealing with my mother’s estate, blau blau. And other things. I seen your response to Speccy and followed the bread crumb. Just to see if you were still entrenched in Block Island. I always enjoyed your posts and photographs of island life. And of course your responses to ‘shutfffs’ I posted. So, snap. Life trumps all else. cheers to ‘living’.


    1. Sorry about the loss of your mother – whatever the circumstance that loss is a transition to some other place. Living indeed, We exist, sod Descartes who got it wrong way round. Cheers to your shutfff


      1. Descartes did get it wrong………There is a song, title ‘Rise Again’, here is a bit of it.

        That as sure as the sunrise
        As sure as the sea
        As sure as the wind in the trees
        We rise again in the faces
        of our children
        We rise again in the voices of our song
        We rise again in the waves out on the ocean
        And then we rise again


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