Peace, Hope, etc.

I think I am on a mission again, but it is better than the rant place. Two things, one from the inbox, the other from an island event have brought hope.

Look at the work being done by World Beyond War, you can even sign up to take part in their conference in September, or for $2 download their book on an Alternative Global Security System.

Second, NAMI BI hosted an event on Suicide Prevention, from the QPR Institute. It was a SHORT event, which really brought the CAN DO into the room, the QPR is analogous to CPR and stands for Question, Persuade, Refer. The sensitivity and generosity of the presenter was evident. The material is in agreement with my now long ago experience as a Samaritan [yikes, that was 30 years ago, in London, so much time and other things have happened since then]. Above all, it was demystifying, practical, though didn’t fudge that Learn to Listen is hard work, and takes emotional effort, the claim is one of my favorites: ANYONE can learn this stuff, and then we never stop learning more of it.  If you didn’t get to come, we will be trying to get Rob Harrison to come again. But if you are not here on Block Island, there will be something similar to find where you are.

So – a lot of HOPE.

But – little bit RANT – Both war and suicide are all over the world – probably fuelled by the disastrous decisions of ordinary people who happen to find themselves in governement and then try to cling on to who/ what/ they are.

Learn about the MONETARY SYSTEM in which we are all complicit. It is neither left nor right, nor socialist, communist nor capitalist. Just allows usury, allowing something from nothing. The system just makes the mistake of putting normal investment (capital) in charge of all the rest, so that money is forced to come first as if it was a real resource rather than a means invented to use and exchange our resources. Then, learn about the quite realistic ways in which an alternative monetary system might be set in motion. We could get there. Go to Positive Money or New Economics Foundation or American Monetary Institute or International Movement for Monetary Reform. Start exploring and sharing. I don’t have the answer, just the first steps forward, and good research from these people.


What do you think?

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