It occurs to me that lots of folk I know are pro-peace. They deplore what is happening in Syria, Yemen, all those places we hear about on the news. Of course they may be, like me from time to time, feeling helpless, wanting to just switch off, wondering what on earth can be done.

Well Рdo we have to have war? Look here for World Beyond War research and ideas, or play this, one of several of their presentations  Рclick forward using the arrows at the bottom of each page, this one is about 10 minutes long.

and after you have looked, find the page that says SIGN and sign. Then keep looking, and counteract the myths with the ammunition peaceful argument you will find.


Find other people near you. This week on Block Island there will be a repeat showing of Seeking Shelter, the story of the 1970s struggles of Dan Berrigan and Bill Stringfellow, theologians, poets, activists who lived here then. I am going to look for today’s activists.

Who are we?

2 thoughts on “Pro-Peace

  1. Unfortunately, war is inevitable, necessary and beneficial when certain overpopulation levels are reached. This generates a sort of lemming reaction. Ergo, one of the things that needs to be done towards peace is to control world population.


    1. There is considerable evidence that the greatest decrease in birth rate occurs when a population educates its women and further offers security. Climate change, population growth, water shortages, poverty, rising food prices, and failing states are the real security threats – and security is people centered and emphasizes physical safety, economic and social well-being, respect for their dignity and worth as human beings. Ergo – reverse your last sentence, creating peace not war, is more likely to control population, even reduce it. [Men wage war, women’s voices continue to be largely ignored.]


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