Time flies… again…

Another week has gone by. Just little things, like one morning I had to switch the heating on. Can’t find any warmer clothes that seem to fit properly, feel comfortable, or look right. I get so used to Block Island summer weather, and this year it continued so long. I love the grab the swimsuit and beachdress approach to dressing.

But the Peace Project continues, so wonderfully. Yesterday evening Martha Wilson spoke to quite a crowd of people [a crowd for BI – there were about 17 of us] on Absolute Pacifism. She began:

What I would like to do this afternoon is simply to present my understanding of pacifism as a way of life.  I don’t aim to persuade anyone that it is the only way. Moreover, I won’t quote Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., or Daniel Berrigan, all more eloquent than I could hope to be. This is a very personal account.

She offered a quote – think it might be from introduction to quakerism, but for me it is a way of living, especially when I keep getting bogged down or too irate about problems.

“What is important is living our lives in the power of love, losing the craving for success, of focusing on the goal to the exclusion of the way of getting there. [By doing so] we lose the sense of futility and helplessness in the face of the world’s crushing problems.”

The talk was an inspiration, bringing encouragement to us all.

In between – walks, the beaches, the dog, the family.

This is the Peace Project Calendar – don’t you wish you were here?


One thought on “Time flies… again…

  1. There is so much to smile about, and each smile shared can brighten up two lives – the one who smiles and the one who receives it – a bit like good deeds…and so on.

    There are too many instances of grief and heartache, so if we can lighten the load – just a little, that must surely be better than presenting a long face and seeing only the wrongs around us.

    The bad things are inescapable, but small acts of kindness – even a smile, can make life seem so much better


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