Conflict: 100 years since Armistice 1918

It is not easy organizing a Peace Project. I find myself getting very moody in spite of really good events taking place, and other good things happening like the monthly Writing Soiree events at the Library where so many of us here who write are listening to each other. Thanks Beth and Library for that.

So I did a bit of writing this morning. Poetry reading or writing is good for the mood.


We are celebrating, huh,centenaries-clipart-1918-armistice-2
Commemorating, remembering,
Marking a day one hundred years ago
With songs and poetry.
Even lunch, Sandwiches and soup to come.
Keep warm while we walk and talk,
Able to walk and talk.

Afraid to name the shame
That in this hundred years,
there has been No Armistice, No cease,100
No space to cry disgrace,
No Peace. This day remembers war,
And those who joined to take a part.
They fought, not peaceful.

Crying sorrow, mourning loss,
People praise brave patriotic warriors
with words like honor and respect.
The greater loss lies hidden
to speak of it forbidden because they went to war,
and so more follow, armistice broken,
crying voices silenced. Dead.

To grieve those graves
I have to break with honor
Own the shame of conflict.
Let pity stir, listen
Hear the voices call,
no, not now, not again,
Not in My Name.







8 thoughts on “Conflict: 100 years since Armistice 1918

  1. Well said Elspeth.

    Beautifully written.

    We seem to have learned nothing from these gruesome conflicts.

    Does Man just need/want to fight?

    I hope not. I fear it may be.

    Peace is elusive, fragile when it comes, easily broken.

    I wish you nothing but the best in your Peace Process.

    Best love,




    1. Thanks, hope all goes well, or as well as can be, in your part of the world. As one of the friends here says, communicate communicate communicate – it is great the way you regularly respond to my efforts, keeps me going. love E


  2. You have expressed the thoughts and feelings that so many of us have experienced – the futility of war; the devastation of all those shells and bullets and young lives lost or forced to live out their days maimed in mind and body – and all because our revered leaders couldn’t agree to respect each other’s different points of view. Indeed, more talking might result in less bloodshed, but that would put the arms factories out of business – and so the argument goes on. Thank heaven for free speech.

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    1. It has been an amazing process, just getting into organizing a few meetings here, wondering how many people care about it. I always said I am retired and only going to do things I want to do, which is true, but now I have a pile high and am looking to delegate, but also to keep going. I feel I am on the crest of a wave. There is a lot of help from the World Beyond War group – but then I have to read all their emails too! Back to basics – do what I promised to do, rest of time, just me, enjoy, it will be good enough [hope]. This week does find me hopeful, thank goodness, I was getting fed up with having to cheer myself up. Although we have never met, I imagine that you know well what I mean. Thank you so much for your many responses.


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