Rise up rebels: Courage

“…the opposite of hope is not despair. It is grief.” *

This is not a happy blog, but then you will know I don’t think we are in a happy world at the moment. Like many many many, too many, of us, I wonder how best to make things better:

Climate change – the recent IPCC report

Poverty/inequality – in UK the report from the United Nations is damning of policies

Wars and displaced people, trillions spent on arms and nuclear warheads, report from Brown University on US spending

There was a flurry of media interest earlier this week when a disruptive group blocked five bridges in London. That halted traffic, economy, etc. they called themselves Extinction Rebellion.

Looking to see what Extinction Rebellion is about, I not only found the insight about hope and grief above, I found a song and a video. If you have the time listen – its a protest song, I wonder why all of us are not hearing, and singing, more songs.

The song:

Or watch the video – it is 50 minutes reality, plus ethics, plus plans for action and another insight: Courage is the resolve to do well without the assurance of a happy ending. Can we create a world fit for seven generation ahead? or do we carry on knowing that the world being created is unfit even for the current crop of 20 year olds?


Why not really be a rebel?

What does non-violent rebellion mean for me? Where I am?

*thanks to  Kate Marvel, physicist and Gail Bradbrook, both really informed intelligent, emotionally literate and reflective women. Are we going to be wise enough to listen?

5 thoughts on “Rise up rebels: Courage

  1. Welcome to the club Elspeth…for one thing, at least, we are not alone in this club. And if there is anything to do ( I know that much), we can only do it together in cooperation. Humans and Nature, working together.


        1. I have looked up your MOOC from the link given – I had forgotten you were a person on that course. At least I think you are a person, but even there you are anonymous. You see that I don’t worry about people being able to find me online, you were able to do that, to me this is important, it is about being transparent. This is who I am. Try it? I have not been answering your emails because they are jdn only and so general they looked like spam. You may not have meant to look like that, but you do. On the other hand, you [and I] need to be careful out there. My insights, such as they are, are mostly on my blogs, the other one is Transitional Space. It carries more moneystuff and more psychology stuff.


          1. I am a human being. At least this is my perception of myself. I even perceive myself as being of – hmm, more humane kind. Not of the psychopathic variety :).

            There’s a reason why I used JDN at Mooc. I use that nick also elsewhere and some people know me as JDN.They were at Mooc… Plus some other reasons. But that’s another story.

            As for transparency. I am all for it. It is the only way forward. But as the current state of affairs on the internet goes, I prefer to be a be a bit careful. I am goin’ full monty, the minute I will know the same amount of information (not that I am particularly interested, it is a matter of principle) about Mr.Page and Mr. Brin as they know about any user of Android, Gmail, google…etc.. Until then, I prefer to be “transparent” only with people I know personally. And even that offline if at all possible.

            Transparency only works if it is balanced. One being transparent, and other hidden, renders the first at mercy of the other. And from this perspective I fully understand your attitude. This is also why a have put in a link in the email to a “skype like system (chat&video&voice…)” where you can use it anonymously, just to be on equal grounds. It comes with an added bonus of a nice feature – it is quite difficult if not impossible to eavesdrop.

            The mails you have received are from Mooc. In that mail I have given you my full “human” name, but is of no avail anyway, since you would not be able to do anything with it. I do not have a blog (yet?), Google search returns nothing of relevance, I am not on Facebook, I have account on Linkedin, but , never use it. It is hibernating. Maybe I will revive it one nice sunny day…If it will not be too hot. 🙂

            Either way, I would still be “not transparent”, for you would not know anything about me, that is of any relevance. On the other hand, all you do know about me is what I, as JDN have written in Mooc. And what we have shortly discussed. And that, from my point of view is relevant. (Of course it is totally different thing if it is relevant to you as well?)

            And that is simple, at least for me, reason why I’ve used JDN. (The other reason being, that I use jdn for mails on all “mega portals” – which WordPress is part) .

            I guess I should have written all this in my first mail. 🙂


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