Look back or look forward?

It is raining today, after a few beautiful clear days. I thought I would just post a few photos from the last month’s walking, plus a couple from the “activities worth remembering”  that is (i) joining Molly and some of the Block Island singers on the solstice evening, and then seeing that wonderful full moon and (ii) having a really happy Christmas family day – I am not a fan of this holiday. It has been better than usual, so I will remember also, without photos, the nativity pageant choreographed, organized and danced by Susan Matheke and her troupe of angels and wise men at Harbor Church.

I am not sure that I like the end-of-year reviews, but I did send a letter round to those who might be interested. You can read it here EC Christmas 2018, but if you are a blog reader you will know it all anyway, and then some.

And, if you are a blog reader you also know I get angry about things now and again, so read this from another fairly angry (I hope effective) peace activist David Swanson. Some history of US in Iraq, and a cry, get out of it, look what might have been done instead of shock, awe and thoughtless war-mongering. see Corrupt Spineless Iraqi Legislators Are Right. Wise man for 2018. Should we look back or forward? Both I suppose.

Happy 2019… or not… remains to be seen.


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