Support as well as sympathy

Summer in February, sleet and snow yesterday, clear and warm enough today. I walked IMG_1121down to the Edinburgh Mosque to hand in a card of support and sympathy, and lots of other people had the same idea. Jacintha Ardern and the people of New Zealand have responded with ACTION. There will be a ban on the dreadful weapons, and they will continue to welcome people and give their support as well as their sympathy. Their wonderful ACC [accident compensation corporation] system is already there – a no fault scheme for anyone in NZ whoever they are, who has been injured.

When I was in NZ ten years ago and hurt my shoulder, I did not know ACC existed, and expected to pay for the needed physiotherapy, but as well as helping me with the injury, I was given the ACC form, no fuss, just practical help. I googled them today – and there is a banner across the site front page in immediate response to the victims of Friday ‘s attack.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon walking on the west side of Holyrood Park, starting off at Bauks View – “Bauks” means uncultivated ground under the crag”.

Apart from the skate board/cycle arena that is cleverly hidden between the road that circles under the crags and the houses below St Leonards, there were few other people. It is amazing having a place like this just a few minutes away from home. This is a special city. The daffodils are everywhere now, and green shoots and buds on the ends of the branches. Today I decided I like the catkins, feathery fluff in their delicate yellow, saying snow if you like, our turn, we bring spring. This is a good world, not bleak. It would be good if other countries followed New Zealand’s example with their ACC, and many of their other straightforward support systems, like their arbitrators and disputes tribunals for mediating settlements on small claims, or their standards of child-care for pre-school.

Scotland is pretty good too, especially on a day like today.




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