What Monetary Reform Looks Like

You know I am interested in Monetary Reform, and believe that the current system of CREATING money is a root cause of many of the ills I at other times find myself ranting about. Note creating is different from using / exchanging / managing how much or how little you have at the moment etc. Most of us, the public, do not create money. If we tried to, uh oh, its forgery, …

Read this Overview of International Monetary Reform  banker

It is very clear – and does not look too difficult or utopian, just something that we need to ask our governments to do and do quickly.

Picture as apparently blogs are boring without some visual.

  1. So what is this money creation system, different from transaction system we use?

  2. Why do we keep this present system, that we are all part of?

Answer: Because most of us don’t see it because we are in it.

The present creation of money – a habit, not a law of nature – leads inexorably to the extraction of goods and value from the work and worth that all of us put in. [you know, all that inequality, war, climate changes, plastic oceans, agribusiness etc etc. and also the insecurity, the zero hours jobs, the having to work two jobs just to keep the roof overhead, add your own list of stress here.]

The present creation of money – a habit, not a law of nature – could be changed so most of us wouldn’t even notice as we would just carry on using / exchanging / managing how much or how little we have at the moment, etc.

The world we inhabit would slowly and steadily change so that our work and worth was valued and came back to us, was not extracted. What goes around would surely come around. Different system, different outcomes over time.

Read that paper and send to all the people you might be voting for [or against, if you are into tactical voting]. MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN.


Stress reduction for me – after the weekend when the NAMI BI Spring Conference happened and was a terrific series of events, thanks to generosity and knowledgeability of speakers, shared with connection and regard for our particular challenges.

Today was a beautiful morning and it was also Birdwalk morning – these are yellow throats – a male and a female caught in Kim’s banding nets earlier today, let go after their photo opportunity. There are a lot of them on this beautiful island at the moment.



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