Deep Adaptation? What?

All my friends may have heard me rant at various times. So have readers. Here are a few quotes from a long and wordy paper that you might or might not want to read. [my italics. Click here for the paper by Jem Bendell whom I met at a Positive Money conference in Cumbria a few years ago, and have since followed his activities, learning much.]

there is a need to promote discussion about the implications of a social collapse triggered by an environmental catastrophe

some people consider statements from academics that we now face inevitable near-term social collapse to be irresponsible due to the potential impact that may have on the motivation or mental health of people reading such statements. My research and engagement in dialogue on this topic, some of which I will outline in this paper, leads me to conclude the exact opposite. It is a responsible act to communicate this analysis now and invite people to support each other, myself included, in exploring the implications, including the psychological and spiritual implications.

I hope the deep adaptation agenda of resilience, relinquishment and restoration can be a useful framework for community dialogue in the face of climate change.

In the references, there is a letter from Jem saying “that we face an unsolvable predicament and great tragedy.”

WE? ME? or all those terrific and wonderful young people? Photos of my currently 17 year old grand-daughter and her 17 year old best friend, and – guess what – me when I was 17. Now two years ago these two successfully brought about a ‘ban on plastic bags’ ruling from our local town council. I cant even begin to describe how unaware I was of anything much, other than learning to drive – this is the picture from my first licence.

There is a lot of conservation here on beautiful Block Island, but almost NO talk of social tragedy.

There is much deploring of others, and now we are right into summer season, living off highly conspicuous consumption, using the island’s beauty and nature trails, as both foil for education, hope hope, and for continued existence of the life led here.

I praise Extinction Rebellion. I praise those who work for monetary reform as I believe that the Monetary System based on usury has been the driver that brings us to near extinction. I praise much work that many do, and I am grateful for a lot, especially for my lot, the where and when I chanced to have been born, in the family I did not choose.

I walk the trails – I recently found a Block Island glass orb – yeah hurray – I put my fears to the side in order to connect and enjoy. 

I watch the birds and the sunsets. I have friends, and occupations: I write blog, poetry and memoir and belong to a few activity groups.

I go to the local events, like the Block Island Sports Awards Ceremony yesterday evening, more great young people.

I am soon moving back to Edinburgh Scotland more permanently, so I will visit BI, but find myself saying “goodbye” quite often.

I put my fears to the side in order to connect and enjoy, life my life. But I am not in DENIAL.

The gratitude and connection forge my energy to think about this need for change.


This Deep Adaptation idea is worth following. Join them?

Extinction Rebellion are worth following. Join them?

Even as I write I feel a bit of an idiot, but know we are all idiots, just like the potus whose name I can’t mention T*&^P, and that Brexit shower in UK, unless we do something, say something.

Repeat from Jem:

I hope the deep adaptation agenda of resilience, relinquishment and restoration can be a useful framework for community dialogue. He has added a fourth ‘r’ – reconciliation.

Summary here.

Join me?





2 thoughts on “Deep Adaptation? What?

  1. Ah, Elspeth,

    Another splendid, thought provoking missive.

    I would love to join Jem’s group but as it is only on Freakbook, I can’t bring myself to re-enter that dangerous arena.

    So it will be a spiritual attachment instead……………………………

    Your grand-daughter is one heck of a gal !!

    Best love,




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