The Art of Not Running Away

So worth reading, and then making it part of HOW you are, never mind who or what.

A Better NHS

The Art of not running away

Inspired by Labours of Love by Madeleine Bunting

Social hierarchy in medicine dictates that doctors diagnose and treat while caring is delegated downwards as far as possible, from nurses to healthcare assistants, home carers and millions of unpaid family, friends and volunteers. Caring is low status work, no matter how high its moral status or how earnestly it is invoked in political rhetoric. We want to be seen as caring without having to do the actual work of caring, because actual, physical caring involves getting your hands dirty, and being exposed to things we would far rather avoid.

Madeleine Bunting quotes B.J.Miller a Californian Palliative care doctor, “Palliative care is that art of not running away” but in my experience, remaining present at the end of life is often easier than handling incontinence, or infected wounds, or caring for older people with severe dementia…

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