From Catkins to Sparrowhawk, and Spring

A bright light morning and of course I woke up early. So I took the bicycle to Blackford Pond. And took photos. But mostly listened, the birds were in full song. I tried to take a video here, in the wooded area beyond the pond, but the phone video didn’t record anything like the volume … More From Catkins to Sparrowhawk, and Spring

Talking to Strangers

On my walk this morning it was bright – though very cold. The crocus have emerged from the muddy grass and brighten the near view, while the further vista looks very peaceful. As I took the photos of the crocus, a family came across, the mother carrying the youngest child, and a girl and boy … More Talking to Strangers

Catkins and Swans

I thought it was about time I cycled again. As I have not cycled for quite a while I thought “flat” and went along the Union Canal – as far as the aqueduct, which was quite far enough. It must be spring, it is certainly warmer than last week. The catkins are out, and a … More Catkins and Swans